Gullak's Time Machine: Spin the Wheel for Time-bending Gold Deals

By Gullak Team
Feb 8, 2024
9 min read
Gullak's Time Machine: Spin the wheel to buy gold at prices of the past

In the ever-evolving landscape of investment opportunities, gold has maintained its timeless allure as a reliable asset. Before we dive into the blog, let's quickly take a look at Gold's performance over the years.

  • Gold prices have grown by 1025% over the last 20 years, giving a CAGR of 11% pa.
  • Goldreturns have beaten NIFTY returns 4 out 5 times in the last 5 years.
  • Gold has maintained a negative correlation with economic turmoils, proving to be a safe haven for investors.

As of March 2024, Gold has reached an all time high of ₹68,000/10gm.

Missed buying gold before it was the hype? Don't worry, you can travel back in time & buy gold at past years' prices with Gullak's Time Machine.

Gullak's Time Machine: Unlocking Gold Prices of the past

Gullak has introduced a groundbreaking feature that's turning heads and is bound to become talk of the town: Gullak's Time Machine.

With Gullak's time machine, users can spin the wheel to invest in gold at prices from previous years, creating a unique opportunity to ride the waves of historical gold price trends.

Below are the prices at which investors can unlock gold:

  • 2022's price: 5,267/gm
  • 2020's price: 4,865/gm
  • 2018's price: 3,150/gm
  • 2019's price: 3,522/gm
  • 2023's price: 6,533/gm
  • 2021's price: 4,872/gm

Investors can use Gullak's Time machine to buy 1gm gold at highly discounted prices

Buy Gold at prices of the past.

How to claim Gullak's Time Machine's rewards

  1. Visit Gullak's time Machine 
  2. Register & spin the wheel
  3. After unlocking gold at previous years' prices, copy the coupon code received.
  4. Download the Gullak App 
  5. Navigate to Gullak Gold+ section.
  6. On the payment screen, apply the coupon code received & make your first investment.
  7. In Gullak's rewards section you'll receive the remaining amount(Reward gold price - gold bought) as a cashback

Benefits of Gullak's Time machine

Benefits number 1 of Gullak's Time machine: Capitalising on gold price.

Gold prices have grown from ₹3150/gm in 2018 to ₹6800/gm in 2024, more than a 200% jump.. With Gullak's Time machine, investors get access to the stellar returns they missed because they skipped on gold.

Benefits number 2 of Gullak's Time machine: Prices expected to increase further

Industry experts suggest that gold prices are poised for further increases in the coming years.

  1. Geopolitical tensions:

    Even as prices cooled off in the second and third quarter, conflict between Israel-Hamas in Q4 rekindled demand for gold as a store of value. The conflicts are likely to continue in 2024 as well, suggesting a brighter outlook for gold.

  2. De-dollarisation:

    The Fed's pivot towards potential rate cuts in 2024 weakened the dollar, boosting gold's appeal. Experts predict that dollar will continue to weaken in 2024, leading to gold price increase

  3. Central bank appetite:

    Strategic gold purchases in large quantities by central banks provided further upward pressure. India added more than 34 tonnes of gold to its official reserves during May 2023.

  4. Strong festive demand:

    Q4 2023 & Q1 2024 generally show a robust gold buying during the Indian wedding & festive season.

Benefits number 3 of Gullak's Time machine: Your friends also get the chance to buy gold at past years' prices

Once you've bought gold at past years' prices with Gullak's Time Machine, you can refer the Time Machine to 2 of your friends & all of you can collectively enjoy amazing returns.

Conclusion on Gullak's Time Machine

In the dynamic world of finance, Gullak's Time Machine stands out as a beacon of innovation. The marriage of time travel, gold investments, and the excitement of Gullak's Spin the Wheel creates a one-of-a-kind experience for users seeking to navigate the currents of the ongoing & upcoming gold wave.
As gold prices continue to soar, Gullak's Time Machine emerges as a compelling option for those looking to make investments that transcend time.
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