How to Save Money From Salary with Investment Options Like Gullak Gold+

By Gullak Team
Jan 17, 2023
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In today's financially uncertain times, mastering how to save money from salary every month is beneficial and essential for financial resilience. This blog will provide steps to help you understand how to save money from salary and make informed decisions to achieve the same. These tips range from determining the ideal savings amount to embracing smart saving habits - to ensure securing your financial well-being today and tomorrow. We will also introduce you to Gullak Gold+, an innovative gold investment option that gives you the scope to potentially earn 16% annual returns (11% market appreciation + 5% gold grams on existing gold investment) - that too with no lock-in periods!

How to Save Money from Salary: A Step-by-Step Guide

To gain a thorough understanding of an SIP and mutual fund difference, it is important to first have a comprehensive idea of the concepts. Let's have a look:
  1. Create a Budget

    In an ever-changing economic landscape, how to save money from salary starts with a strategic budget plan.

    The 50/30/20 rule is an effective approach: allocate 50% of your salary to necessities like rent, groceries, and utilities, ensuring basic needs are met. Then, 30% goes to personal and leisure expenses, balancing enjoyment and financial responsibility. Most crucially, 20% of your income should be saved, vital for long-term financial health.

    For instance, if Priya earns ₹50,000 a month, she would allocate ₹25,000 for essentials, ₹15,000 for personal use, and ₹10,000 for savings. Following this strategy consistently helps build a stable financial future and a strong savings habit, effectively showing you how to save money from salary strategically.

  2. Track Your Spending

    Mastering how to save money from salary often means tackling the challenge of tracking expenses in a predominantly cash-based economy. Budgeting apps available in app stores are key tools for this, as they link to bank accounts and automatically categorise spending

  3. Automate Savings

    Mastering how to save money from salary can be greatly enhanced by automating your savings. This method involves setting up an automatic transfer from a salary account to a savings account or an investment scheme. We'll explore effective ways of doing the same in the next section.

  4. Cut Unnecessary Expenses

    To effectively save money from salary each month, it's crucial to scrutinise and reduce unnecessary expenses. Online shopping, frequent dining out, and multiple streaming subscriptions can rapidly deplete your finances. Adopting simple lifestyle adjustments is a practical strategy for savings.

  5. Shop Smart

    The art of snagging a bargain lies in the heart of shopping culture. To master how to save money from salary every month, become a savvy shopper. Embrace sales, leverage price comparison websites, and explore wholesale markets for bulk purchases. If the cost of the item exceeds more than 2 days worth of salary, take a break of 24 hrs before making the purchase. This approach isn't just about spending less; it's a strategic method to save from salary effectively.

How to Save Money from Salary with Gullak Gold+

Gold has long been a symbol of financial security, with over 15% of the Total Indian Household Assets as of March 2023 in gold, which is second only to real estate. Now, with the innovative asset - Gullak Gold+, it has become an even more attractive investment option for those looking to save money from salary and investing in gold.
Gullak Gold+ introduces the concept of gold leasing in India, offering a unique opportunity to earn higher returns compared to traditional savings methods. Further, it allows you to start with as little as ₹700/month, making it accessible to a wider demographic who wants to find how to save money from salary through digital gold investments.
With Gullak Gold+, you can start a monthly investment and enjoy up to 5% extra gold grams on your savings. The scheme boasts an impressive average market return of 11% per annum, making nearly 16% annual returns in gold grams.
The flexibility of Gullak Gold+ is notable, as it allows investors to withdraw their investment anytime without any charges, and returns are calculated daily and credited monthly. This enhances wealth growth potential significantly.
Just investing ₹700/month will give you ₹2,00,000 in 10 years, of which your investments would be only ₹84,000 & the rest will be your returns from Gullak Gold+.
Gullak Gold+ stands out by not only providing returns based on the market value of gold but also adding earnings from gold leasing. This dual return system offers higher yields than SGBs or any other gold asset.
Here is a table illustrating the estimated returns for different gold investment options:
Investment OptionCAGR
Gullak Gold+Market appreciation + extra 5% p.a.(compounded annually)
Physical GoldMarket appreciation
Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGBs)Market appreciation + extra 2.5% on your initial investment (in simple interest)
Gold ETFsMarket appreciation

Concluding Thought on How to Save Money from Salary

In conclusion, understanding how to save money from salary is a journey that begins with small, consistent steps. The key is to adapt these strategies to fit your unique financial situation in India.
While considering investment options, especially in your youth, for a medium- to long-term horizon, Gullak Gold+ simply stands out with its 16% projected annual returns. Remember, every small amount saved adds up, paving the way for a more secure and financially stable future. So, start today and watch how these incremental savings can transform your financial health over time
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