Purchasing 10 Gram Gold in India: A Comprehensive Guide

By Team Gullak
Apr 2, 2024
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Gold has provided roughly 11.2% pa in the last 20 years and has shown a CAGR of 11-12% in the last 5 years. This blog delves into the optimal strategies for purchasing 10 gram gold. We will also explore gold options like digital gold, jewellery schemes to Gullak gold+ & compare them on multiple fronts.

Purchasing 10 Gram Gold

If you plan to purchase 10 gram gold, there are two options -

  1. Physical gold in the form of jewellery, gold coins, bars, etc.
  2. Digital gold

However, when you purchase physical gold, it often comes with huge additional fees like making & wastage charges. This increases the cost of buying 10 gram gold. Hence, many investors do not treat physical gold as an investment.

Gullak Gold+ intervenes to remove this roadblock by providing the option of investing in digital gold without additional charges. On top of this, Gold+ provides investors with extra 5% gold every year on top of gold price appreciation.

Benefits of Investing in 10 Gram Gold with Gullak Gold+

  • Increased returns: On an average gold provides ~11% pa, with the extra 5% from Gullak Gold+, investors can get upto 16% returns pa on their gold investments. With 16% projected annual returns, your investments could double in just 5 years.
  • Liquidity: There is no lock-in period and you can easily get access to funds at any instant. This can give you peace of mind during a difficult time.
  • Convenience: Physically purchasing 10 gram gold will require you to check its purity level. With Gullak Gold+, you can make your digital gold investment from the comfort of your home, saving time and effort. Gullak provides the guarantee of 99.9% pure 24K gold, so you can rest assured that you will get maximum value from your investments.
  • Bank guarantee: All gold investments in Gullak Gold+ come with a 100% bank-backed guarantee. This safeguards your investments at all times.

Buy 10gm gold today

Other ways to Buy 10 Gram Gold

  1. Reputed Jewellers: Buying gold from renowned jewellers involves visiting their store to personally assess the quality and designs. All the gold bought from here mandates making & wastage charges of up to 20%. Hence, jewellery should be treated as jewellery and not as an investment.
  2. Online Platforms: Online platforms involve digital modes of buying gold. These include digital gold, gold ETFs & mutual funds, and Sovereign gold bonds(SGBs). While the first three options provide returns equivalent to gold price appreciation, Sovereign Gold bonds or SGBs provide investors with extra 2.5% on the first investment. They, however, come with a lock-in period of 8 years. They can be sold before the tenure in secondary markets but at 6-7% discounted rates.
  3. Gold Schemes by Jewellers: You can participate in gold schemes by contributing monthly instalments. You can eventually acquire gold equivalent to your total investment. This approach renders gold more affordable and accessible. It's perfect for those planning to accumulate 10 gram gold over time & want jewellery made out of it.

Here's a comparative table highlighting the advantages, disadvantages, and returns of different methods for purchasing 10 gram gold:

Table: Ways to buy 10 gram gold

Reputed JewellersGood option if you want to accumulate physical gold or purchase jewellery.Dependent on gold price appreciation; Last 5 years returns: 11% CAGR
Online PlatformsConvenience, no need to check purity, extra returns with some optionsDependent on market value and purity; Last 5 years returns: 11% CAGR. Online options like sovereign gold bonds provide extra 2.5% gold on the initial investment made.
Gold Schemes by JewellersGood for gold accumulationGood option if you want to accumulate gold to purchase jewellery. Returns in the form of physical gold; value depends on market rates at maturity; Last 5 years returns: 11% CAGR
Gullak Gold+Highest returns on gold in India(~11%market appreciation + extra 5% gold every year), Convenience: invest & withdraw anytime, No need to check purity, Can be withdrawn as gold or cash(INR) when neededFixed extra 5% gold over market appreciation. Highest returns amongst the available options: 16% CAGR

Concluding Thoughts on 10 Gram Gold Purchase

The array of options for purchasing 10 gram gold in India is both diverse and appealing, ranging from the traditional allure of physical gold to the modern convenience of digital gold & Gullak Gold+. Each method brings its distinct benefits, meeting the varied needs of different investors.

Standing out among these is Gullak Gold+. Its innovative gold leasing model offers a new and accessible pathway into the gold market. This is particularly attractive for those aiming to buy 10 gram gold but want their gold to increase over time. With the extra 5% from Gullak gold+, the gold quantity increases by 1.5x in 8 years along with the benefit from gold price appreciation, hence an investment worth considering.

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