What is Gold+?

By Gullak Team
Jan 5, 2023
8 min read
While we all are familiar with gold, the Gold+ offers something more. As Indians, we have always had a lot of trust in gold and we see it as a symbol of wealth. And rightly so. Gold, for a lack of a better word, is Gold. And Gullak's Gold+ is an asset that further enhances the returns you get from your gold as investment.
But why invest in gold at all? Wasn't gold just for jewellery and to be kept in back lockers?
No. Gold can be a lot more. It has been a wealth-creator for centuries. Even in recent years, investments made in gold have given great returns. Just check the gold prices of the last 5-6 years. From Rs 28,000 per 10 grams in 2017 to Rs 54,000 now. That's a return of close to 14% per annum!
While people have been looking around for wealth creators in other assets, the safest of assets gold has silently delivered better returns than many of the popular assets.
The rich have already been investing in gold for ages as they understand its potential for wealth creation. But even small investors can now benefit from the rise of gold in this digital age. With the new-age investment option of Gold+, which gives extra returns on top of gold price appreciation, this might be the perfect time to get started with your gold investment journey!
What is Gold+?
You don't just need to look at gold as a natural hedge. But gold can be part of your core portfolio. Gullak's latest offering Gold+ has revolutionised the way you look at gold as an investment. Earlier, to earn from gold, you only had to consider the gold price appreciation. But Gold+ changes that. You still earn from the gold price rise. But you get more than that. The '+' in the name Gold+' is symbolic that it offers something extra than just gold returns.
Gold+ uses an already-established concept of gold leasing which was till now only available to the HNIs, to generate higher returns. With Gold+, Gullak becomes the first B2C brand to digitise and democratise this practice. Here the digital gold (purchased via Gullak's platform) is leased to verified jewellers. These jewellers utilise this gold as part of their working capital and pay a lease rental. This rental is what generates extra returns (in gold grams itself) for investors, in addition to the obvious benefits you get from gold price appreciation.
So, lets say if the gold price appreciates by 11% in a year, then Gullak's Gold+ can generate an extra 5% via lease. This results in total returns of 16% which is much higher than the gold returns you get from other investment options like SGBs, Gold ETFs, gold funds and many of the mutual funds.
Imagine it to be like owning a house, which is also appreciating in value, and giving it on rent for extra returns. So not only do you get returns via price appreciation, but also from rental income. This is what Gold+ brings to your gold investments.
Gold+ follows a monthly interest payout model, so the earned extra gold gets credited to your Gullak account on a monthly basis. This is unlike any other gold investment option. Even if you un-lease your gold before a month you still receive the interest, calculated daily, accumulated till that time.

What about the safety of the gold that is leased?

Augmont, the largest gold refinery in India, is Gullak's partner for Gold, & both facilitate the lease of your gold to the jeweller of your choice. All the jewellers on the platform are properly vetted and verified before onboarding. These jewellers provide bank guarantees of 100% on the amount of lease.
As would be abundantly clear by now, Gullak in association with Augmont, provides proper security to support the Gold+ investment option.

How to Invest in Gold+?

Given such high returns that Gold+ offers compared to regular gold, you might already be planning to join this new digital gold investment bandwagon.
Using Gold+ is very easy with the steps below:
  • Once you open the Gullak account, select the grams of gold to lease (purchase gold or utilize your Gullak balance)
  • Choose the jeweler from the listed options you want to lease to
  • Complete your PAN verification (in case you haven't already)
  • Confirm the lease (you will be shown the jeweler, and amount of gold you are leasing)
  • Congratulations, you're a Gold+ member now!
Once you've committed your gold for a specific lease using the Gullak Gold+ platform, the yield (or your monthly interest income) will be paid out to your Gullak (in the form of gold grams) every month. The yield is calculated on a daily basis and then paid out monthly.

Don't Wait. Gullak's Gold+ is much more than Gold.

While all forms of digital gold score over physical ones, Gullak's Gold+ offers even higher returns than all the digital gold alternatives. So as an investor, if you are looking to maximise your returns from gold as investments, then having Gold+ by Gullak in your portfolio is the best you can do for your portfolio's wealth goals.
Getting high returns, with regular cash flows, that too with something as safe and solid as gold is even better than other options like MFs and P2P offerings that are available. Think about it.
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