IOB Net Banking: Features, Registration & Fund transfer

By Team Gullak
Apr 3, 2024
3 min read

IOB net banking means net banking services offered by the Indian Overseas Bank. Founded in 1937, IOB now has 3,220 domestic branches, 2 DBUs , around 4 foreign branches and a representative office. In this article we will cover the key features, advantages and disadvantages, registration & login process & fund transfer using IOB net banking.

Key Features of IOB Net Banking

Below are the key features of IOB net banking:

  • Effortless transfer of funds with IOB net banking: The bank enables customer to transfer funds between their own accounts, make interbank transfers, and send money to other IOB customers easily through net banking
  • Easy access to account information with IOB net banking: Customers can access their account info like, balance inquiry, debit card information, cheque book details etc anytime.
  • Investments with IOB net banking: Users can set up FDs & PPF accounts, invest in Mutual funds & other assets
  • Loans with IOB net banking: Users can set up loans, get access to their existing loan information & make EMI payments.
  • Bill payment & shopping with IOB net banking: Users can pay their bills, do online shopping with IOB.

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Advantages & disadvantages of iob net banking

If you’re not an IOB customer & are evaluating their services, it is crucial to have a concise view of their advantages & disadvantages. We’ll cover the pros & cons of IOB net banking in this section.

Advantages of IOB net banking:

  • 24/7 net banking availability
  • Easy to use even for new customers
  • Keep track of all transactions with the online portal
  • Free services: International Debit card without charges, free atm utilisation with any bank etc
  • Utility services: Bill payments, online shopping with IOB’s online platform.

Disadvantages of IOB Net Banking:

  • When using IOB’s features, many customers face problems with the online platform. This can be resolved by contacting nearby IOB branches.
  • Loan collateral: When taking loans from the bank one has to keep collaterals. Due to a high collateral value, it might be difficult for some to apply for loans.

IOB net banking: Registration & log in

Registering for IOB Net Banking -

Logging in to your IOB net banking account -

  • Visit IOB’s online portal:
  • Click the login button on the top-right corner & click on “Internet banking personal login”
Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 4.01.48 PM.png
  • Enter your credentials & click the login button

IOB Corporate Login

Below are the steps for IOB corporate log in:

  • Visit IOB’s online portal:
  • Click the login button on the top-right corner & click on “Internet banking corporate login”
Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 8.59.54 PM.png
  • Enter your credentials on the log in page to access your account information

​​Transfer of Funds via IOB Net Banking

Below are the steps to ​​transfer funds via IOB Net Banking:

  1. Log into your IOB account
  2. Go to payments>Fund transfer
  3. Select “Transfer to Other Bank Accounts” or “Transfer within IOB Accounts”, based on the payee’s bank account
  4. Add the payee’s bank details to mark them as beneficiary
  5. Select transfer. Enter the OTP & voila, your transaction is now complete.
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