Gold Savings Reimagined: The Future of Easy Gold Schemes

By Team Gullak
Apr 2, 2024
4 min read

Gold has always held a timeless allure, a symbol of wealth and security across generations. In the digital age, the Easy Gold Scheme has revolutionized the way people invest in this precious metal. Let's dive deeper into what the Easy Gold Scheme entails, its limitations, and why Gold+ by Gullak emerges as a standout option.

What is an Easy Gold Scheme?

Easy Gold Scheme is a gold scheme that defines traditional gold investment approaches, offering accessible and simplified ways to invest in gold. These schemes, like Gold+, aim to democratise wealth creation by allowing even fractional investments. Gold+ reshapes this landscape by introducing a hassle-free, digitalized approach to gold savings.

Definition and features of Easy Gold Scheme:

Easy gold scheme streamlines the gold investment process, eliminating the need for physical purchases or high initial investments. Gold+ brings this simplicity to the forefront by allowing investments starting from as little as 0.5 grams of gold.

Beat returns from Easy Gold Schemes

Different types of Easy Gold Scheme(s):

Various easy gold scheme(s) exist, but Gold+ stands out due to its innovative features. It provides an extra 5% return on top of the market rate, making the overall returns up to 16% per annum. Unlike other Easy Gold Scheme(s), Gold+ facilitates both SIP and one-time investments, ensuring flexibility for investors.

Drawbacks of the Easy Gold Scheme

While convenient, the easy gold scheme comes with limitations:

Lower Returns: Most easy gold scheme(s) offer returns at par with gold market rates, meaning you only benefit from gold price appreciation. Gullak's analysis reveals that competitors rarely offer more than 3-3.5% on top of the market rate, limiting your gold growth.

Limited Liquidity: Many easy gold scheme(s) lock your investment for specific durations, restricting your access to your gold before maturity. This lack of liquidity can be inconvenient if you need immediate funds.

Hidden Costs: Watch out for hidden fees like management charges, redemption charges, or making charges that can eat into your returns.

Potential Security Concerns: Some easy gold scheme(s) might not involve physical gold ownership, raising concerns about the safety of your investment.

Why Gullak Gold+ stands out above Easy Gold Scheme

Gold+ by Gullak redefines the narrative of gold investment by offering unparalleled advantages compared to a conventional easy gold scheme.

Introduction to Gold+ by Gullak:

Gold+ stands as a pioneer in digitalised gold leasing, partnering with renowned entities like RSBL to provide investors with an extra 5% assured return from the market rate. Gullak's vision is to create a financially Atmanirbhar Bharat, where wealth creation is extremely easy and accessible, enabling the people to become truly self-reliant.

Highlighting the unique features of Gold+:

  • Extra 5% assured returns on gold, making the overall returns up to 16% per annum.
  • Compounded returns over time, allowing your investment to grow significantly.
  • Accessibility with low investment thresholds, starting from 0.5 grams of gold.
  • Flexibility in investment methods, allowing SIP or one-time investments.
  • Gullak's safety measures and 100% bank guarantee, ensure the security of your investments.

Invest in the best Gold asset

Comparing Gullak Gold+ with Easy Gold Scheme(s)

Here's how Gold+ shines in comparison:

FeatureEasy Gold SchemeGold+ by Gullak
Returns11% average annualised gold price appreciation16% annualized returns –> 5% assured on top of gold price appreciation
Minimum InvestmentVaries, often higher; typically starts at 1 gramHighly accessible: Starts at just 0.5 grams of gold
Investment FlexibilityLimited options, usually fixed deposits or monthly instalmentsFlexible investment options: Choose between a SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) for automated monthly buys or a one-time lump sum investment
LiquidityOften locked in for specific durations (e.g., 3-5 years)Invest and redeem anytime with complete control over your gold
Safety and SecurityVaries depending on the easy gold scheme; concerns about physical gold ownership and hidden risksGuaranteed safety: 100% bank guarantee on all investments; rigorous creditworthiness checks on gold partners like RSBL

Conclusion- Gold+ or Easy Gold Scheme(s)?

In the realm of gold investment, Gold+ emerges as a superior option, redefining the landscape of easy gold scheme(s).

Gold+ not only addresses the limitations commonly associated with such easy gold scheme(s) but also ensures higher returns and utmost security. It invites investors to reimagine their gold savings journey, offering a secure and lucrative path towards wealth creation.

Explore Gold+ today to unlock the door to secure and higher returns on your gold investments. Embrace the future of easy gold scheme(s) with Gullak's innovative Gold+.

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