5 Key Investment Process Steps to Know in 2024

By Team Gullak
Apr 2, 2024
4 min read

In today's financial landscape, the importance of investing cannot be overstated. With money sitting idly in savings accounts and earning minimal returns, the path to true financial stability and freedom lies in intelligent investment strategies.

The investment process, however, is more than simply putting away excess funds in traditional avenues like Fixed Deposits (FDs), properties or physical gold. The right investment process is about understanding how different financial markets function and making informed decisions aligning with your financial goals.

In this blog, we'll explain the process of investment in 5 actionable steps to break down the complexities of investing. Additionally, we'll explore how investing in Gullak Gold+, an app tailored to meet your investment needs that fulfils all the criteria of a successful investment process.

Investment Process: Meaning and Objectives

An investment process requires a structured and methodical approach to making well-informed decisions about allocating funds. The primary aim of an investment process is to optimise returns while managing the risks associated with them.

This systematic framework of the investment decision process serves as a guide, helping you select suitable assets, diversify your portfolio and adjust strategies as needed.

A successful investment process requires you to make a comprehensive assessment of the following aspects:

  • Investment goals
  • Funds needed to get to the goals
  • Appetite for risk
  • Portfolio diversification requirements
  • Available assets and their mix
  • Anticipated returns
  • Tax implications

By diligently navigating through these considerations of the investment process, you can strive for financial growth and security.

Easy investment process with Gullak Gold+

5 Steps of Investment Process

Setting Financial Goals

Establish clear financial goals to form the foundation of your investment process. This will involve defining SMART goals — specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.

For instance, goals may include saving for retirement, purchasing a home, funding education or building an emergency fund. Each goal should be clearly defined, with a specific timeline and target amount.

Assessing Risk Tolerance & Determining Returns

Risk tolerance refers to your ability to withstand fluctuations in the market without compromising your financial goals or emotional well-being.

To assess your risk tolerance as part of the investment process, evaluate factors such as investment horizon, financial obligations and personal comfort level with market volatility. In addition, consider the potential returns associated with different asset classes and balance the risks and rewards to align with your objectives.

Creating a Budget and Emergency Fund

Establishing a budget is essential before committing funds to investments. A well-defined budget helps identify surplus funds available for investment and ensures financial discipline.

Additionally, building an emergency fund is a crucial part of the investment process. It helps provide a safety net during times of crisis. This fund typically covers 3 to 6 months' worth of living expenses and is kept in easily accessible, low-risk accounts.

Diversifying Investment Portfolio

Diversification is a fundamental step of an investment process aimed at reducing risk exposure. By spreading investments across various asset classes, industries and geographic regions, you can minimise the impact of volatility in any single investment. 

Regularly Reviewing and Balancing Portfolios

Once investments are in place, it's essential to periodically review and rebalance portfolios to ensure alignment with financial goals and risk tolerance. Market fluctuations, personal circumstances or shifts in investment performance may require adjustments to the portfolio's asset allocation.

Regular monitoring is an investment process that enables you to capitalise on opportunities, overcome risks and maintain a well-balanced investment strategy over time.

Table: Gullak Gold+ Checks All the Investment Process Steps

SMART Financial GoalsSpecific- With Gullak Gold+, you can start with as little as 0.5 grams of gold, providing a clear and tangible starting point. Measurable- The interest is calculated daily and credited at the end of each month, ensuring you can track your earnings accurately. Achievable- The accessibility of Gullak Gold+ makes it an achievable asset, irrespective of your investment budget. Relevant- The option to set up a SIP or make a one-time investment ensures that you can invest according to your preference. Time-Bound- With Gullak Gold+, you have the flexibility to invest for both the short and long term.
Risk & ReturnsRisk- Gullak Gold+ offers the added assurance of a 100% bank guarantee, providing peace of mind regarding the safety and security of investments.Returns- An extra 5% assured or 16% p.a. overall appreciation provides you with high returns on your investment.
Budget & Emergency FundBudget- Whether you prefer to start with a small investment or allocate larger sums, Gullak Gold+ ensures that financial barriers are minimised. Emergency Fund- The option to exit anytime without incurring charges ensures you can liquidate partial or full investment.
Portfolio DiversificationGold has historically been a reliable store of value. It is a preferred asset class for diversifying a portfolio and growing wealth over the long term. Gullak Gold+ provides the simplest way to diversify your portfolio with digital gold.
Reviewing & BalancingThe flexibility to invest lump-sum or minimal amounts and to exit anytime makes it an ideal investment option to take corrective measures after a performance review.

To achieve financial stability and growth, you must follow the 5 key investment process steps outlined in this blog. From setting SMART financial goals to regularly reviewing and balancing portfolios, each step plays a crucial role in building a resilient investment plan.

Choosing Gullak Gold+ as your preferred investment option offers numerous benefits, including a winning investment process strategy, flexibility, liquidity and growth potential. Its compatibility with the outlined ensures that you can conveniently add it to your investment journey. 

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